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Darker makings on this Super White granite slab demonstrate the natural beauty that makes granite so unique.

The Importance of Selecting your Granite Slab

Hands on Selection

You are at the mercy of what you order if you don’t go and select your granite countertops yourself. 

Drexel has a handful of sources for granite. Because the stone is so unique, it’s best that Raving Fans pick out the slab of stone themselves. The hands on approach is the best way to ensure a satisfactory countertop selection. Take advantage of the luminous material to enhance any kitchen!

Slabs of granite tower with unique patterns and tones within the same color category. For comparison, the two slabs below demonstrate the variability that can appear in slabs of the same color.  Both slabs appear as examples of Super White granite slabs from different suppliers.

Preselecting and hand picking your PERSONAL slab for yout important project is HIGHLY recommended.


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