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The Hideout

Hidden Rooms and Passegeways… This makes for fun design!

Have you ever considered creating a secret space within your home? Our team at Drexel can work with your contractor to design cabinetry that can truly create the “secret space” you may be dreaming of.

Challenge: This homeowner wanted to finish off their basement to incorporate a bar room and a hidden room.

Solution: Our Cabinetry Team designed a wall of bookcases, installing hinges on a section of the cabinets to create a swinging door that opens to the hidden room. Guests having a beverage at their bar will have no idea there is a room behind those books!

Drexel Designers: Jenny Ferguson and Jon Lehman

Cabinet manufacture: Great Northern

– Classic series

– Wood: rustic hickory

– Finish: wheat

– Drilled for adjustable shelves

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