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there is nothing ordinary about what we do

about us

When you support local builders that support Drexel… you help to Supply Happiness, our mission.

When you work at Drexel… you join our supply happiness mission as well.

What does supply happiness mean? Supplying happiness means providing and creating the conditions and resources that contribute to people’s overall well-being and joy!

We offer support, kindness, and opportunities for enjoyment, and foster positive experiences for others. It’s about making efforts to enhance the lives and hearts of people around us and our communities.

“We don’t shine so that others can see us. We shine so that others can see Jesus.” – C.S. Lewis

And sometimes…when the Holy Spirit guides us… it makes a hell of a good story.

Since 1985, Drexel has remained committed to providing quality products and services. Team member owned and community driven, there are nine Drexel locations located in Amherst, Berlin, Campbellsport, Columbus, Jackson, Kiel, New Berlin, and two locations in Wrightstown, Wisconsin.

our culture revolves around our

core values


Do the right thing & always encourage others to do the right, honest & ethical things. This is #1, & it’s #1 for a reason. Ethics, It’s the most important.


Treat others like you would like to be treated no matter whom & no matter the situation.


Manage your time for both business & personal success.

winning attitude

Have a can-do attitude. Be positive, upbeat & stay focused. We are winners.


Share information, ask questions, listen effectively, speak thoughtfully, & let ideas live.


Learn from each other. Teach, Coach & Listen. Create an environment where everyone can be a star.

team work

Value different viewpoints. Carry out the agreed upon plans. Together we achieve more. Go Blue!


Accept it. Embrace It. Initiate It. Do everything every day better, faster, & cheaper.

have fun

Enjoy your job. Enjoy your life. Smile more & make others around you smile too.


Know your responsibilities. Live up to your commitments. Hold others accountable


We hold our culture dear by the connections we make with our team and our clients.  Engagement is the number one way to protect Drexel.  We can be connected from anywhere, but together is better.

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