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The Difference between Nylon and Polyester Fiber Carpeting

When shopping for carpet, one of the focus points is carpet fiber. People often assume that nylon is better than polyester, however carpet fiber is only one factor that needs to be considered. As you are shopping for carpet it helps to have general understanding of what makes Nylon and Polyester carpet fiber different.

So, nylon and polyester are two fibers utilized in carpet. It is not necessary to assume one better than the other, as each fiber provides their own list of pros and cons and they should all be considered when selecting the carpeting utilized for your project.

Nylon: Durable, Resilient, and Versatile

Below, you will find a detailed list of the numerous aspects that make nylon such a desired product.

Surveys report that nylon amounts to 65 percent of the total carpet sold in the United States, making it the most commonly used carpet fiber to date. Although it can be more expensive than other synthetic carpet fibers, its resiliency, impeccible ability to bounce back after being stepped on, or trampled in areas of heavy traffic, nylon is clearly the most sought after carpeting. Nylon carpet is also known to have an exceptional ability to hide soil or other random filaments that might get trapped between carpet strands.

Carpet Buyers Handbook gives steep marks to nylon carpet in terms of both fade and wear. Speacial dyes that are present in nylon carpet fibers cans enhance performance in areas exposure to sunlight.

Polyester: Exceptionally Stain and Fade- Resistant, Soft, and Budget- Friendly

In comparison to nylon carpeting, polyester carpeting also possesses various qualities that make it rather appealing to the average consumer.

Polyester carpet is typically less expensive; pending on the brand and style it can run as low as one third as much as the cost of nylon. However, it is not as durable as nylon carpeting, meaning it is not recommended to install polyester in areas of high traffic ( living room, hallways, places of business, etc.). This kind of carpeting is also not as stain resistant as nylon.

Polyester carpeting is known to have great color intensity. It has fade resistant staple yarn, thus allowing for the fibers to hold onto the colors for an extended period of time compared to other styles or carpet.

For those of you concerned about the environment, and prolonging our eco- system, it is important to note that polyester carpet has become increasingly green. Today, a fraction of your rug may be composed of various recycled soft- drink bottles, just like the polyester fleece of your favorite outdoor wear.

When building or remodling, whether it be in an office building or home, it is important that you compare both the cost and quality, as well as numerous other factors before choosing which carpeting is best for your lifestyle.

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