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Why LP SmartSide Diamond Kote?

The History of Diamond Kote Pre-finishing:

In 2001, it became apparent to Joe Jordan, CEO of Wausau Supply Company, that the “flood coating” method of factory-painting siding wasn’t meeting the expectations of builder and homeowners. An Avid collector of classic cars, Jordan looked to his passion for automobiles for inspiration. If car parts could be painted flawlessly and consistently in a robotic paint booth, why shouldn’t it work for siding and trim? After extensive research in equipment, engineering and technology – Diamond Kote Pre-finishing was born.

Not all Prefinished Siding is the same…

Diamond Kote Pre-finishing really is different at nearly every stage of the game. From actual paint that’s made exclusively for Wausau Supply to the process of application, to the packaging and warranty.

How can Diamond Kote Pre-finishing offer a 30-year, NO FADE Warranty?

The proof is in the paint and the process…

The paint utilized by Diamond Kote is engineered specifically for each substrate and designed to be applied in a factory setting by computer-calibrated sprayers. The sprayers break down the paint as it is applied to ensure better adhesion. The process has been perfect so that every inch of every board receives two uniform coats of finish, which helps retain the beautiful wood grain profile of the LP SmartSide. Diamond Kote is available in 29 standard colors, including six premium finishes that beautifully mimic natural wood. Custom Colors are also available.

Advantages of LP SmartSide over Fiber Cement Products

  • Impact Resistant
    • NASA report: evaluations of impact damage of two types of commercial siding (see image)
  • More Realistic wood grain pattern vs Fiber Cement Products
  • Easier to Install
    • Lighter per foot and stronger than fiber cement
    • Easier to carry and requires no special tools to install
  • Up to 33% Fewer Seams
    • Comes in 16′ lengths vs fiber cement 12′ lengths resulting in fewer seams
  • Better Warranty
    • 50 year substrate warranty vs 30 year substrate warranty
    • 30 year Diamond Kote Pre-finish warranty vs 15 year ColorPlus Pre-finish

LP Smartside and Diamond Kote Finishes Today’s Home Remodeler Episode

Published 2012: In this episode of Today’s Home Remodeler, Dusty Dvorak from Waudena Millwork introduces LP Smartside siding. We also visit the LP Smartside factory in Tomahawk, Wisconsin.  Video Here

It’s been asked: Why is Drexel stocking LP SmartSide with the Diamond Kote Pre-finish?

Our team at Drexel spent this winter researching siding products that will best service our builders and homeowners needs. We wanted to stock another siding product beyond vinyl in order to save our customers and homeowner’s additional time and money. If we have it on hand when you need it, this cuts costs and lead times for everyone.

When it comes to siding and trim Drexel was seeing an increased need and customer interest in LP SmartSide. It’s truly a great product with amazing value that incorporates the look of wood with less maintenance and a gives a homeowner a better look…a true step beyond vinyl options.

So YES – There are a lot options for pre-finished LP SmartSide – the biggest difference on the options available is narrowed down to the warranty and how the paint is being applied to the LP SmartSide product. Now many people glaze over when they hear the word ‘warranty‘, but if you tell a customer they will not have to think about repainting their home for 30 years, they usually perk back up. YES – A 30 Year No Fade Warranty – that’s why Drexel is recommending the Diamond Kote Pre-Finished LP SmartSide.

Drexel is stocking the most popular 5 LP SmartSide Diamond Kote Colors – The five colors available in the Drexel Collection are:

  • Clay
  • French Gray
  • Pelican
  • Smokey Ash
  • Seal

The paint itself is made with naturally derived pigments such as iron oxide and carbon, combined with 97% pure Titanium Dioxide and 100 acrylic polymers. The results: paint with unparalleled adhesion, durability, and vibrant colors that withstand fade better than any on the market. Because of the paint and the process it is applied, Diamond Kote Pre-finishing is able to offer a 30-year no fade warranty.

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