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Laminate Flooring AC Rating

What is an AC Rating?

The AC ratings in the laminate industry represent the durability of a flooring product, and can serve as a guideline for consumer use as well. It’s important you use it as just a guideline, and work with your Drexel flooring specialist as you will see there are factors beyond just hardness this AC Rating takes into account.  

As a homeowner, if you are considering different laminate options, the AC rating could help you narrow down the product you want installed in your home or office.

It’s a rather simple rating scale on the surface as it goes from unrated, then AC1-AC-5.   The article attached below states that unrated means you shouldn’t consider it, but on the contrary it just could mean they haven’t taken in through testing, so in our opinion it’s a proceed with some caution.  

AC Rating – Laminate Flooring Project

You know the AC Rating, NOW WHAT?

The AC Rating is great to know, but doesn’t always tell the whole story. It’s not rated the same as hardwood. It incorporates tests that have nothing to do with hardness. The Janka Scale for hardwood, is strictly hardness. Engineered is not rated the same as a solid, epic core is not rated the same as engineered.

All of these numbers aren’t a tell all unless you know what is behind them. Is an AC-5 appropriate in a home setting? What about heights? Is it really okay for an office situation? What about rolling chairs? What level? What test? What Frequency? Does the AC-5 have a PVC wear layer where the AC-3 has a urethane? What about Aluminum Oxide?  WHAT WHAT WHAT… What is all this?

To me, this is a lot of “FLOORING TALK” and over most of our heads.  As a homeowner or contractor it is way too much to dig into. Our Flooring Specialist at Drexel are experts on our products, and if they don’t have the answer they will find the answer for you. The point of all this is to not always take the rating numbers as gospel.

It’s important you discuss your home with our flooring team and the application, location and use for the flooring. In certain cases AC-3 may be a better fit and value for your home.  Let Drexel help guide you into the right decision. 

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