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Project Spotlight: Christine Anne Center Kitchen

Remodeling An Older Home?

The Christine Anne Center Remodel Project posed a few challenges, which are common when tackling the remodel of an older home.

Drexel tackled this remodel head on and the results are fantastic.

Design Considerations and Challenges with this Project:

  • The floors were un even and the project manager requested that the cabinets run to the ceiling.
  • Pipes were discovered inside the walls that had to be moved once they started to tear down the old plaster
  • The windows in the room were lower, creating a height issue for a typical base cabinet and countertop to ensure clearance, so special considerations had to be upon ordering these cabinets
  • Final Goal of this remodel was to staying in tune with the character and the feel of the home, while creating a multi-family high functional kitchen

Cabinets Featured in this Project:

Norcraft Cabinets: Adams Doors Style

Wood Species: Maple with a Briarwood Finish

Countertops: Venetian Gold Granite

You can learn more about The Christine Anne Domestic Abuse Service Center on there website.  This kitchen remodel was a part of their “Room for Hope” Shelter project. – providing a warm bed, a safe retreat and a step toward a better future.

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