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Berge Home - After

Project Spotlight: Berge Lake House

Drexel Designer Leah Johnson

Design Challenge: Creating More Usable Area in Limited Space

The Berge’s wanted to maintain the current allotted space for the kitchen, but were looking to remodel in order to create additional work space within the given area.

In addition to wanting more work space, there were also existing large pipes coming down from the ceiling that needed to be taken into consideration when redesigning the kitchen.

Challenge Answered:

  • Smaller appliances were selected in order to optimize for space.  24″ Range and 18″ Dishwasher (Typically range 30″, dishwasher 24″) – Creating more room countertop and cabinet space.
  • Additional thought was placed into selecting the proper crown molding in order to get enough projection off of the cabinets to cover the large existing pipes.  Resulting in the pipes remaining unmoved, creating a cost savings for for the home owner on the overall project.

The Results:

Added countertop space, and the use of a PEARL (white) finish to create a more open and brighter feel in the home. Check out the before and after pictures, it doesn’t even look like the same space!


Dura Supreme

Homestead Panel

Color Pearl


Corian- Fossil with Bisque sink 1/2″ radius edge profile

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