Store Leader Todd Flitter and Yard Leader Eric Beck lead the team in the donation drive

Drexel Building Supply Collects over 4000 Items for Local Food Pantries!

The Drexel Building Supply Team in Campbellsport conducted a massive food drive to gather donations for the Campbellsport Food Pantry and the Kewaskum Community Pantry.

The Drexel donation drive was a great success with a record number of over 4000 food items being donated in addition to cash donations. Yard Leader Eric Beck and Store Leader Todd Flitter lead the charge which smashed our donations from years past. Both local food pantries utilize the donations to support the communities need for food over the Christmas Holiday and throughout the year. The Drexel Team had a great time collecting donations and showing Holiday Spirit throughout the fund raising event.

Our team encourages the rest of the community to continue to donate to the food pantries throughout the year.

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