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Trex Elevations Made Easy including the Golfers Dream – A Putting Green on your Trex Deck!

This past week our Drexel Decking Experts hosted a Lunch’n Learn to take our customers through the installation of Trex Elevations Steel Deck Framing.  The featured project was the installation of lower deck that includes a putting green installed by our expert Drexel Flooring Installers.   

Trex Elevations is steel deck framing that won’t sag, rot or warp, a great solution in place of treated lumber that is typically utilized with Trex Decking.  There is an excellent series of installation videos on at Elevations Resource Center

Here are highlights from the Lunch’n Learn project.

Cutting Trex Elevations, it’s simple, utilize a Circular Saw with a 7`/4 Ferrous metal cutting blade.

Secure Elevations Track per the local building code, or consult with a structural engineer.

The Piers & Posts should be installed as required by local coded.

Install the Beams there are 4 different scenario’s- Flush Beam, Single Drop Beam w/ 6×6 posts, single drop beam w/ 4×4 post, or double drop beams.

After the beams are installed, you can move forward my installing the joists utilizing the angle brackets.

After the joists are in place, cut the joist blocking pieces to fit within  the bays of the two outer most joists, and between the bays above dropped beams and use the angle brackets to fasten the pieces.

The Elevations frame is now ready for rail posts and Deck Boards.

Cable Railing is being installed on this project to enhance the contemporary feel of the deck and space around it.

To take this deck one step further we installed a custom putting green.  The green is made out of Shaw Park Central Putting Green Surface, the color is Oasis and it’s 14 x16.   The putting green material is adhering to a 1/2 inch treated plywood base.  Our Drexel Expert Flooring Installers handled the installation.  Find the flooring in our Shaw Online Catelogy  or on the Shaw Website

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