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Drexel Weenie Wagon on the Job!

Drexel Weenie Wagon – Visiting a jobsite near you!

Many have asked… What’s with the Drexel Weenie Wagon?

This summer the Drexel Building Supply Team has taken to the streets to visit our customers at their jobsites, and in their offices providing them a TRUE Hot Dog Stand experiance.

In the Building Industry, visiting customers on the job and bringing them lunch has been a staple to the business…. and this summer the Drexel Team wanted to take it one step further, and make it a little different… so the Drexel Weenie Wagon was born.

Customer Love…

At Drexel we align our team around one mission, to provide the best customer experience possible.  As a thank you to our loyal customers, the Drexel Weenie Wagon is brought to their current project or office to give them a unique lunch break experience.  Drexel handles all the details, including enough Giant #1/4 Hot Dogs to feed the entire crew onsite. The entire project team, subcontractors and home owners are all encouraged to join Drexel for lunch

The Drexel Weenie Wagon is becoming a Hit!

The Drexel Weenie Wagon is the real deal… A HOT DOG CART, and just a year ago you may have seen this exact cart on the street corners in Milwaukee.  It is now customized in BLUE DREXEL fashion with a blue umbrella and blue logos.  The weenie wagon quickly hitches to any tow worthy vehicle, and hot dogs can be hot and ready in just a short amount of time once parked on location.

If you would like to get your jobsite or office on the Drexel Weenie Wagon schedule, just CLICK HERE and send us an email.  We will see if we can help!

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