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To All Homeowners

Are You Noticing Cracks in your Cabinets?

When you choose to have wood cabinets in your home, you are also opening up the possibility of tiny cracks appearing in the paint of the wood. No matter how much money you spend, these cracks are unavoidable. These cracks will appear wherever there’s a joint between pieces of wood with the grain running in opposite directions.

Why Does This Occur?

Every species of wood actually expands and contracts at different rates depending on the changes in humidity. Because heat dries everything out, cracks will be more noticeable in winter than in the summer. What does this mean? Check with the manufacturer to see if they recommend a specific humidity level for your home in which a humidifier can keep constant.


If you are considering wood cabinets and looking for stability, cracks are not as noticeable in darker colored cabinets as they are in light colored. Maple is the best wood to choose for painted cabinets. Some homeowners absolutely love the ‘refurbished’ look and if that is the case, you will be very satisfied with light-colored wood cabinets. If not, be sure you know what you are getting. 

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