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Taupe Must

Tile Projects – Final Touch to Any Bathroom

Worried about the mold and mildew buildup in your bathroom’s shower over time? No need to with these UNIQUE types of tile shown on the right. Both are sure to cast your home to any era of your choice. With the tile containing different pattern combinations, your bathroom will have a touch of different elements such as; wood, stone, metal, and even fabric. 

Walking into this shower is sure to wake you up after that 5am ring goes off! This tile combines the three most appealing traits in one; natural light wood grain, fabric weaves, and/or a neutral stoney feel. The different hints of material create a soft-textured surface that fits well in any style home. 

Are you wanting a natural-looking stone with the durability of porcelain? The must tiling is your answer! The earthy tone of taupe makes all interior design possibilities endless. Containing three different polished matte textures combined within one tiling gives off the perfect modern day feel. 

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