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Glazed Ceramic Backsplash

Whether you want a rustic vintage or a more bleached modern style kitchen, both of these images on the right interpret a traditional tile while keeping a rich old-world charm. Both appear to have irregular edges and textures rather than the conventional plain offset. Best of all, time to say bye to all the grease and grime splatters everyday and hello to a SPARKLING stain-resistant backsplash.

Add this perfect finishing touch to your dreamy, ice white kitchen. This backsplash assists the vibrant marble countertops making them everyone’s main focus, while upholding a clean-sophisticated look. Matching is no longer a concern with this elegant versatile backsplash.

Nothing will compliment your albescent kitchen more than this mineral-grey backsplash! This beautiful earthy appearance adds a contemporary finish to any style kitchen. The mix of neutral colors blend well together to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. 

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