The POSITIVES Outweigh the Negatives: Market Conditions - Drexel Building Supply The POSITIVES Outweigh the Negatives: Market Conditions - Drexel Building Supply

The POSITIVES Outweigh the Negatives: Market Conditions

The market conditions that we have seen develop over the course of the last 9 months have proven to be extremely volatile. Due to Covid, labor shortage, and lots of backlog.. everyone nationwide has felt the effects of an unprecedented building material market, and we are not sure when we will see this correct itself, if ever. Nothing new to your ears.

Despite how it looks and feels, this leads to your position of being in an opportunity phase, homeowners have taken a very large leap into the world of what they want their home to look like, as well as why it does not look that way. They are changing how they invest in their homes to develop a better look and feel. They are remodeling or building where most times in the past they maybe would not have, and the reason for that is the offsetting interest rates that are absurdly low and look to be low for as far out as we can see. 

According to the market index, interest rates are expected to remain low. From an industry perspective, 30 year fixed interest rates are allowing people to continue looking to build as well as take out loans. This is by far the biggest offsetting cost by all means, and can and should be the number 1 selling point for your customers and homeowners. There are so many reasons to still say yes to projects, despite how tight things are, and that is exactly where we at Drexel can come in to play, helping you continue to save time and money.

So how do we at Drexel help to continue supplying happiness to you during the crazy times in the market? As a company we are not trying to sell you sticks and move on, we are here to be your trusted advisors, solution providers, and continue building our relationship with you, so that you can continue to count on us. We understand that the most expensive product at the end of the day is actually the one that is not on your jobsite. 

BEING PROACTIVE IS OUR UTMOST IMPORTANCE. Our merchant team here at Drexel Building Supply is constantly, almost hourly, trying to buy and scope out the absolute best and fair deals possible when it comes to all products. Because of our ability to buy in volume and massive quantities, we are continually getting the best prices possible for you (our trusted customers). We have and will continue to have success buying because we are willing and able to buy based on our great relationships we hold with our vendors. We pay our bills on time, allowing us to hold our strong relationships with the mills as preferred customers. For us to have great suppliers, we take pride in being great customers. 

So, in turn, that is what we ask you as our trusted customer as well. For us to make a great team, and truly supply on time in full materials we ask that you are proactive. That can be scheduling selections meetings earlier in the build, constant connection and communication with our Quarterback’s, as well as constant communication on your expectations and timelines early on. Being brutally honest, upfront, and time sensitive is something that may be hard to come by, but something we at Drexel try to lead with everyday. Let’s continue to navigate these crazy times as a team, accomplishing your goals and our’s together.

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