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The Importance of your Millwork Package

Our Millwork and Door Specialist can help you and your customers make the right millwork package selections. 

The millwork package should be an important step in any builders and future home owners project for the following reasons: 

  • It should be considered as “permanent furniture” in any home or commercial project.
  • According to the Wood Molding and Millwork Producers Association; “for every $2000 invested in moulding and millwork, the homeowner realizes $10,000 in increased home value.” 
  • At a 5% interest rate on a 30 year mortgage, the consumer will only spend an additional $5 per month on every $1000 spent. 
  • Domestic hardwoods are renewable.  They are the definition of “green” and “sustainable”  

Designing a millwork package is a fun and important part of the building process for home owners, designers, and architects alike. Creative millwork adds warmth and character to the interior of a home.  It makes a home unique all the while adding both monetary and sentimental value that grows with you and your home. 

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