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New Homes Month - April

New Homes Month Emphasizes the Long-Term Benefits of a New Home

April 2013 – New Homes Month

As the Metropolitan Builders Association (MBA) celebrates New Homes Month, this April, it is important to focus on the building structure and long-term performance of a new home.

New Homes Month is a reminder of the economic and societal value that housing has on communities. The building industry is benefiting from an increase in building starts for the past three years, a tightening supply of existing homes, signs of lot shortages in several markets, and the start of housing related job creation.

It is appealing to walk through a new home and admire the design and style; however, it is important to pay attention to the dwelling’s structure and the long-term performance of the home.  In many cases, it is difficult and expensive to change the building envelope or the exterior aspects of a home once constructed. 

Building Envelope

  • The Building Envelope (i.e.  roof, wall, and basement) should provide a long-lasting, structurally-sound, and water-shedding system.
  • Analyze how long a product has been on the market, longevity of the product, and what climate and conditions it will perform best.
  • The Building Envelope of a home may be the most important part of a home in delivering the best results towards energy efficiency goals.

Home Performance

  • Whatever system or combined components a homeowner decides on, ensure that they will work well as a system. Some products may perform well individually; however, may not be created to work well with another product.
  • Whether in remodeling or in new home construction, air sealing and insulation in targeted high-energy loss areas will produce great results (i.e. roof, rim joist in basement, and channels from basement to roof).

Design & Layout

  • Space planning is essential from the beginning – ensure the home’s layout reflects the homeowner’s lifestyle.
  • Consider Universal Design Components that help people stay in their home longer. Universal Design is focused on flexible design and features that cater to all ages and abilities.
  • Wasted space is costly – homeowners should plan how they will use their home before they build or remodel.

Those interested in building, buying or even remodeling should be sure to use Metropolitan Builders Association (MBA) members when doing so. MBA members have met stringent membership eligibility requirements set by the MBA to protect consumers. This includes background checks, financial history, and interviews.

On March 22, 2013, Governor Scott Walker declared the month of April “New Homes Month” in Wisconsin by signing an official proclamation saluting the new home construction and remodeling industries. New Homes Month is a celebration of housing, home ownership, and the jobs that go along with it. For more information about New Homes Month, including a list of MBA members visit

The Metropolitan Builders Association, located in Waukesha, Wis., is a not-for-profit trade association that represents nearly 1,000 companies involved in the construction, development, and remodeling of single and multifamily housing and light commercial property in Waukesha, Washington, Ozaukee, Jefferson, and Milwaukee counties.  Collectively, its members employ tens of thousands of workers in the Milwaukee area and conduct millions of dollars of business each year.  For more information, visit or the Metropolitan Builders Association’s Facebook page.

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