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Several of our clients have reached out and asked us for plan covers to protect their plans on the job-site.  Our team recently tested the PLAN-IT cover and shared a few of them with our clients and we’ve had a lot of great feedback.  If you have struggled to find a durable plan cover for your job site plans, our team recommends giving the PLAN-IT a try.  Below are all the details, and if you want more information feel free to reach out to Craig Podraza directly. – 262.354.2344

What are they?

Plan-It holders are durable vinyl sleeves that hold and protect standard size blueprints. The 24 x 36 inch sleeve has one open side that allows you to insert your plan to protect it from rain, dirt, spills, folds, and tears. The holder keeps your plan flat and provides enough weight so it does not shift in the wind. Plan-It holders provide a simple solution for plan protection and accessibility issues faced by architects, contractors, and engineers.

Why are they the best on the market? 

Many contractors opt for a one-time solution such as laminating, taping, or reprinting a plan. Plan-It holders can be reused which are more environmentally friendly as well as a more cost effective method as they can be used for project after project. Some retailers offer thin plastic plan protectors that can tear or still leave crease marks in a plan. Plan-It holders are made of a thick material that not only offers durability, but also adds weight so a plan will remain flat and will not blow away while working outside. Additionally, the grade of plastic Plan-It holders are crafted from is top of the line making them completely transparent. Other plastic sleeves on the market are not completely translucent which makes it difficult to view details on a plan. To add on to the benefits, Plan-It holders are clear on both sides allowing accessibility to two pages of plans. Last, Plan-It holders are delivered in flat packaging. Plastic sent rolled up in a tube will result in a sheet than will never lay completely flat.

What sparked you to produce them?

As a contractor in Wisconsin, I have battled working outside in the wind, rain, and snow. Opening a 36 inch piece of paper in the wind to find a dimension and then have to fold it back up and store it so it doesn’t blow away takes time and is not productive. Having a plan lay flat and not blow away was my main inspiration to create Plan-It holders. Additionally, protecting a plan from rain and snow is vital while working outside.

Where do you order them from? 

As the production process has been finalized and begun, we are working on different avenues for customers to purchase Plan-Its. We are starting with offering Plan-Its in local stores and blueprint shops.  As online retail continues to grow, we are also going to offer Plan-It holders on websites such as Amazon.


A 24 x 36 inch holder costs $12.00. We are pleased to produce these locally and at an affordable price. As I have learned in the past, laminating a plan and spending the time and money to do so costs as much as a Plan-It holder; yet, a Plan-It holder is reusable and more useful as it has weight and durability for the outdoors.

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