“Floored” Our Youngest Raving Fan Ever

Dear Mr. Fleischman,  You may not remember me, but we met last month at your Drexel store in Brookfield, Wisconsin. 

My mom, sister, and I came to your store searching for floor samples to decorate a hat for school.  I needed to choose a descriptive word for a hat, and decorate it accordingly. My word choice was “Floored”.

Thank you for the tiles and grout samples. My mom was so thankful that it was free! 🙂  I didn’t see anyone else with floored on their hat!  If you didn’t do what you did I would not have had such a good hat!  So I decided to send a picture with this. Keep up the best work (that I have ever seen). By the way I will by cabinets or carpeting from you when I get older.

Jake Harder  

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