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Custom Trusses Done Right

Why So Special?

Custom Trusses are an amazing addition to any architecture. Are you looking for a cool way to make your porch or living room stand out and ‘WOW’ your guests?! Between Drexel and our Trusted Suppliers – we work very hard to design, customize and fabricate any spectacular look for your home! 

Unique Trusses

Our team at Drexel worked with a local supplier.  We shipped them a pile of lumber, engineering, and steel gusset plates that were customized and designed for this awesome job! Specifically, the trusses pictured are made out of solid Doug-Fir timbers and black powder coated steel plates. If desired we have the capability to do these out of Cedar as well.


Maybe you’re looking for an all ‘wood look’ and to keep things a little lighter – No problem. We can design it so everything is blind screwed together so none of the hardware is seen. Those are just a few examples of the awesome things Drexel does! Remember – if you can dream it up, there is a good chance that the Drexel team can make it happen!

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