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Count On Drexel For Your Screws

Drexel now has a complete line up of screws in stock to tackle all your needs.  If you haven’t seen the Big Timber Construction Fastener Display at your Drexel location, it’s time you take a moment to learn more.   We’ve heard our customers loud and clear… Drexel can now save you time and money – no more trips to those other guys to pick up the screws you need for your project.  We have them here, on the shelf and ready for you to grab or for us to drop into your next delivery. 

Learn more about our screws:  Big Timber Construction Fasteners

Whether you’re a professional or a DIY guy, you want the very best, easy to use, quality fasteners that fit with your budget….


Exceptional Quality:

  • Rigorously engineered and field tested
  • Meet eh industry’s highest standards for shear and tensile strength, pull out, and pull through specifications.

Screw for Every Job:

Everything from tiny finish head screws for the finest finish work to massive structural grade screw for super heavy-duty needs.

Easy to Use… On Your Drill

Faster and smoother starting and driving for longer drill battery life and less operation fatigue

$$$The Best Use for your Budget $$$

When you buy construction screws and bits from Drexel you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer.  We do not go through other wholesalers or distributors.. THIS IS ONE STEP PRICING which provides substantial savings for our customers.

Contact Your Team At Drexel for more information on Big Timber. 

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