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Mark Ganahl

Hi Joel,

My name is Mark Ganahl and I work for our family business in Southern California…..Ganahl Lumber Company.

I was in Monterey California last week for our Regional Lumber Association Annual Convention. Our morning speaker was Ken Wilbanks. He was an engaging speaker and as I’m sure you know he spoke very well of your company.

I thought it was high praise to hear a speaker in California talking about a dealer in Wisconsin!! I hope your finding business is going well. I scanned your website and learned a bit about your history. I was amused to read you were paid $1.00/hour, and have advanced 10-fold since then. Hopefully as the President your making more than $10.00/ hour!!! Here in California that’s our minimum wage.

I have never been to Wisconsin and Ken made me want to visit…..maybe some day.

Best regards from another lumber guy in So Cal…..

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