Wrightstown High School SCORES Program - Drexel Building Supply
Team Members Alicia Schiess & Wendy Van Zeeland along with the SCORES Students

Wrightstown High School SCORES Program

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Wrightstown High School SCORES Program

Wrightstown High School offers a program for students who have differing abilities to provide them real-world applications and opportunity. This program entails running a school concession stand as well as a student catering company; which allows them to work with supply and demand, planning inventory, collecting and balancing money transactions and learning the ins and outs of purchasing products.

Drexel was honored to be awarded and recognized for our contributions to these students. Supporting this group allows for these students with academic, cognitive, and behavioral challenges, an opportunity to learn, grow and be successful within their roles. We are happy to be able to support such a great group of students AND the soups and pizzas are phenomenal! 

To read more about Drexel’s Community Outreach Initiatives you can visit our Community Involvement Blog 

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