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Why You Can Never Be Too Early on Selections

In the midst of the crazy industry, Drexel continues to value our communication and connection abilities to the fullest. Are lead times extending in certain areas? Absolutely. Is Drexel doing everything we can to communicate those lead times and ensure we can get your project to the finish line on time? Absolutely. 

When ordering exterior doors and doing your door selections, we are trying to stay on the front of it by encouraging you to pick out your exterior doors when you order the slabs.

When purchasing Non-Stock RAW Therma Tru Doors @ MDI = 14-15 weeks (=4 Months) and Prefinished (paint or stain) Non Stock Doors = 17-18 weeks (≈ 4.5 months!!)

**HAVE YOUR GOOD SLAB(s) & SIDELITE SELECTIONS MADE WHEN PLACING YOUR ORDERS FOR FRAMES & CULLS** — do not wait to order good slabs and/or sidelites! You are only adding additional lead time to your order & will delay the project…especially if you order them prefinished!

What do we do during selections until lead times improve? Use MDI’s *IN STOCK* Therma Tru Catalog! This is their most up to date version and is currently our best option to provide a solution to this issue. The lead time on the stock products is approximately 2 weeks and with stocked sidelites 3 weeks. 

The link to the catalog is here: MDI – Therma Tru (Stock Brochure)

Again we want to continue to be on the forefront of this issue by having any selection meetings as early as possible to prevent delay in your project. We here at Drexel will continue to monitor the situation and if you have any questions regarding doors or lead times feel free to call any of our Supply locations or your Quarterback directly.

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