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Where is the Pantry?

Looks like a Kitchen Cabinet, but wait….

by Drexel Designer Jackie Oelke

Check out this beautiful kitchen project I just finished up:

My favorite thing about this kitchen? The walk through pantry. Check this out.

It looks like a cabinet, so it doesn’t interrupt the flow of your cabinets with a pantry door – which sometimes looks out of place. This blends right in with the cabinetry and gives you easy access to all of the stuff we store in our pantries (like the breadmaker that hasn’t been used in 3 years).

The great thing about this setup is that my cabinet manufacturer now makes this all as one unit. I used to have to piece this all together with panels, doors, and hinges then cross my fingers and hope that we had everything we needed to make this work. Then the installer had to spend a couple hours on site reading over my notes and figuring out how to put this all together and there were still issues with it – like weak spots where the doors are mulled together on site.

The pantry walkthru now comes in one nice prebuilt cabinet that saves installers time, homeowners money, and designers headaches. Who’s next in line for a kitchen redo? It just got easier.

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