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Sussex Pack175 Cubscouts Outreach

Sussex – Family Day Camp at Harrington Beach

Drexel had the privilege of sponsoring this awesome event for the Pack175 Cubscouts. This group consists of Kindergarden through 5th graders out of Sussex. All day family and friends of the Cubscouts were able to particpate in different seminars such as; pumbing and pipe work, learning how to use a variety of building material tools and even a fishing seminar put on by the DNR. All fo the different categories offered was great exposure for the youth. 

Dog Houses to a Great Cause

One awesome seminar that the kids loved completing was building dog houses. They built a total of 6 houses which will be donated in the Fall to the Humane Society once they are finished painting. Not only was this a great opportunity for the kids to be hands on, but also a great outcome to be able to donate their hard work to the community. Drexel is honored to be able to Supply. Happiness. consecutively to the Pack175 Cubscouts while sparking their interest in the trades! 

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