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Staircase Design Ideas

LJ Smith Has a Tool To Help Envision your Future Staircase

Customers can step by step design your dream staircase, and end up with a list of materials to share with our Door and Millwork Specialists at Drexel

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LJ Smith Staircase Design Software

Why Such a Great Tool?

When working with homeowners during their building project, it helps to have the most up to date technology to make the design and selection process even easier. 

One of the toughest things for builders can be to help homeowners truly visualize objects in their house without seeing an accurate visual before placing the order; specifically a staircase.

With this tool, there is no more planning in your head or being indecisive- just a couple clicks away and your dream staircase will become a reality. 

Design My Staircase

This tool not only allows a homeowner to see a better visual, but also helps our builders, remodels and do it yourself weekend warriors  speed up their process of selections. It can help reduce the stress involved in such a hectic time when helping to choose staircase and baluster configurations. 

If you want see how the staircase design tool works, you can check out this step by step video which takes you through how the online selection program works.


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