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Sierra Pacific H-3 Changing the Window Industry

Why Sierra Pacific Windows?

With all the window lines and options available why has Drexel partnered with Sierra Pacific Windows?  Furthermore why should YOU – our clients, our builders, our homeowners consider this window for your next project?  Value. It’s a good window at a value price. 

I am going to break it down into a few KEY points, and then if you have further questions our Drexel Window Specialists can be available anytime to show you the differences and provide even better detail.

The Sierra Pacific H-3 Options!

The Sierra Pacific Window has design options galore. First and foremost one of the most appealing things in the eyes of builders and homeowners are OPTIONS!  Options for color both interior and exterior.  Here are the stats:

  •  The SP H-3 Window is open to 75 different exterior color options for their aluminum clad products
  • The SP H-3 has 9 different interior wood options in addition to 5 different interior finish options

H-3 Construction – in the details – Quality Constructed at a Value Price

The construction of the H3 window unit is appealing once you get the chance to check it out.  With the snap lock design, the H3 window system locks together without the use of screws or other fastening devices which are often visible from the interior of the window. Additionally, the PVC frame integrated into the H3 windows makes the installation of the window extremely easy. The strength of the extruded aluminum exterior frame, teamed with the PVC frame virtually eliminates racking of windows, which in turns cuts down on installation time, and ultimately can save time during installation.

The quality of this window is outstanding, and the price point is extremely competitive.

So many options, what’s that going to cost me?

Now that you understand why Sierra Pacific is worth considering, the final question that needs to be answered is PRICE.  With all of these options, one would think that this product is one of the most expensive windows. On the contrary, it is one of the most price competitive wood/aluminum clad windows in the market. The H3 window is a great window, and will provide you with an option that is price competitive and different from what is currently available.

Having an option for service is important

At Drexel we personally service Sierra Pacific Windows with our in-house service team.  If the need arises to get Sierra Pacific involved in any service request we have the ability to work directly with the Sierra Pacific service team to ensure we resolve any service requests that arise.

Sierra Pacific H-3 is Made in Wisconsin

The Sierra Pacific H-3 plant is located in Medford, Wisconsin. Having a Wisconsin based company provide your windows is something to be proud of.  Sierra Pacific has added a large addition to their plant in Medford over the past several years, including a new power coating line and a new glass lay-up line where they produce their own insulated glass units. 

For more information on Sierra Pacific take a peek at this video:

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