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Should I Sand Before Applying Stain?

Is it Necessary to Sand Down A Wood Surface Before Applying Stain?

The answer: a resounding YES! To experiment with this theory, a sheet of plywood was manipulated to represent many of the situations wood encounters throughout the construction process. This includes finger prints, scratches, gouges from various tools, water and even glue marks common in veneers. One side of the plywood was stained without sanding, and then the opposite side was given proper care prior to staining. 


As you view the images attached, you can see sanding can remove many of the “oops” situations that the product encountered. This will allow the finished surface to look BRAND NEW, the intended look. While sanding an entire job of doors may seem unnecessary because they are finish grade materials, remember that after the product left the plant it has then been put through multiple trucks as well as exposed to the conditions of the jobsite (finger prints, saw dust, etc). Sanding the surface levels the playing field by bringing the entire door panel back to the same condition it began to ensure an even finish!

For more information on wood preparation for staining or painting you can contact our Door and Millwork Specialist at Drexel

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