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Learn more. Sell more. Build more. Download resources to promote Offsite Construction!

We’ll help you sell more homes! That’s always been our goal, and now we’re backing it with free tools and resources to get you started. As an Offsite Construction Customer, you have access to use these free marketing tools and customizable materials to share the value of offsite construction with your customers.

Key Selling Points


  • Build can be done faster
  • Weatherproof build conditions mean more productivity and fewer accidents
  • More predictability
  • Helps homeowners move in sooner


  • 25% less wood product
  • 30x less job waste
  • Less heavy machinery and energy required, which means lower carbon emissions


  • Framing is exposed to the elements less
  • High quality and factory-level quality control
  • Catching issues before they reach the job site
  • It doesn’t mean you have to have a cookie-cutter home


  • Even though they might not be familiar with the concept, it’s a common and growing trend elsewhere – near 80% in Sweden!
  • Safety for build crew

Social Media Posts

Social Media Post #1

Offsite construction means your home building process will be more productive. Weather can be unpredictable, but taking parts of the operation indoors makes your build process weatherproof. No need to worry about delays due to an unexpected storm or accidents from slippery workspaces. Plus, working onsite and offsite simultaneously streamlines your build. The predictability of offsite construction just might be the difference that gets you into your new home sooner.

Social Media Post #2

For eco-savvy new homeowners, offsite construction offers sustainability advantages over the traditional build process. Building with carefully pre-designed components generates 30 times less waste at the job site and reduces wood product use by 25%. It can even shrink your carbon footprint! When your house is built offsite, it requires fewer trips with heavy equipment, which means reduced energy requirements and carbon emissions. Offsite construction helps your new home to be more environmentally friendly.

Social Media Post #3

Rest assured that offsite construction means your new home will be top quality. Between the weatherproof building conditions and increased efficiency, there’s no chance for your home’s frame to be exposed to the elements. Factory-level quality controls catch any construction issues before they ever reach the job site. And building with component parts doesn’t mean you have to have a boring, cookie-cutter home. You can build the quality home you’ve always dreamed of with offsite construction.

Social Media Post #4

Offsite construction might seem like a foreign concept–and in some ways, that’s exactly right! This style of construction is extremely popular in other parts of the world. In Sweden, up to 80% of homes are built this way! Build on the cutting edge with offsite construction, the trend that’s catching on across the globe.

Social Media Post #5

Building with offsite construction keeps your home’s construction team safe. It eliminates some of the most dangerous parts of a build, like heights and slippery weather conditions. Fewer accidents mean a happier crew, a faster build, and a better experience for everyone.

SBCA Framing Calculator

The Structural Building Component Association (SBCA) has developed this powerful online calculator as a tool to better understand the possible time and cost savings roof trusses, floor trusses/panels, and wall panels can provide when used instead of conventional stick-framing methods.

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