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Keith Batenhorst – Wins Solution Provider Award

“If nothing changes, nothing changes” — John Maxwell

How true is that? How often we want to change, but never get started. We are frozen in the past. Fearful of the future.

Today we give out the exclusive and grand prize Solution Provider Award. This person is NOT a salesperson on commission. This individual is behind the scenes. This individual has over the course of the last three months humbled the leaders of the company as they thought of solutions that leaders in 26 years have not. They have worked hard… extra saturdays, sundays and nights. Have taken their kingdom to a whole new universe.

This individual has saved and made this company thousands of dollars and continues to beat the drum for CHANGE and SUCCESS. They not only ask “why do we do it this way”, but also “here is the solution and implementation of the new way.” They are an agent for change.

Congratulations Keith Batenhorst!

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