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Home Theater Dream

Drexel Building Supply Teamed up with QRS Group to provide these homeowners the Home Theater they were looking for.  A public theater doesn’t even comes close to this ‘in home’ private theater and its performance. Bringing a whole new level of theater, experience and appearance in this basement. 

QRS Group kept the theater as modern as possible while maintaining the feel of an old traditional red. With 19 hidden speakers, 4K projector, 138″ ultra wide screen and power recline chairs, you’ll never want to leave this home! Lighting, dedicated hvac and controlling is all automated through a dedicated Ipad to darken the room- feeling like you are back in the medieval times. 

No more wasting your time, energy, money and gas on going to a public theater; stay cozy in your own basement with a touch of technology and an amazing design team with the best products.

*Cabinets: Durasupreme Middleton Cherry Java

*Millwork: Designed the custom columns on the sides 

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