Factory Designed and Engineered Cabinetry – vs local craftsmen cabinetry

Advantage One
Finish and varnish topcoats are oven baked for durability.
The local craftsman has a field finish and generally no guarantee.

Advantage Two
Adjustable shelving comes in the vast majority of wall, bases and utilities cabinets.
The local craftsman mostly builds with fixed shelves that require shelf paper liner, which is very awkward to apply. Futhermore, fixed shelves offer no storage flexibility.

Advantage Three
ON TIME DELIVERY, Merillat cabinetry is built and delivered as scheduled. It can be installed upon delivery, or installation can wait since all cabinetry is cartoned.
Cabinet widths are offered in 3″ increment to 48″; and heights from 12″ to 42″ pluss mullion door wall cabinets.

Advantage Four
Merillat is a member of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association.
Rigid manufacturing standards must be met daily and unannounced inspections are performed routinely to ensure compliance.

Advantage Five
Merillat’s drawers are easy to open and clean.
Often locally made drawer guides are over sprayed and hard to open and close.

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