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Escape the Rain with Rainescapes!

Bring Your Backyard to Life

Have you been watching the news waiting for the perfect weather to plan a grill out or birthday party!?… Here is your solution: Trex Rainescapes 

No more worrying about what the forecast is going to bring! Trex Rainscapes allows you to PARTY ON staying outdoors regardless of the rain, sleet or even SNOW! This decking drainage system creates a dry environment beneath your deck allowing for an awesome living space below your deck! Which allows for the perfect area for installation of lighting, ceiling fans, entertainment systems and much MORE, all to your backyard! 

How does it work?

The trough is installed underneath your decking floor to catch the water that is on top of the wood. The trough guides the water into the Cantilever, also known as a large downspout. The water that drains out of the spout goes into a gutter and away from your area underneath. This system allows the water to be captured while saving the wood and adding years to the lifespan of your decking. 

Not to Mention: Feasibility

Averaging only $9.00 a square foot! You can’t go wrong with the affordability of TREX. 

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