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Drexel’s Turnout Floors Them

Drexel’s turnout at their grand re-opening floored even their most optimistic expectations.

 “It was the most traffic I have seen in our store, and I have worked here for 25 years” states Cherie Pizzoferrato, flooring manager at Drexel Inc.  She went on to say “And the customers were very motivated.  I feel the economy has shifted upwards.  It’s not jus the smaller purchases either.  Karastan, our highest quality carpeting has been moving very well.”

Drexel Inc., under new local ownership, celebrated their grand re-opening on Saturday April 10.  Huge discounts continue until April 18th.  They served over 300 slices of pizza and had unprecedented traffic at their store on Bluemound Road in Brookfield.  “The parking lot was full, and the positive energy in the store was incredible,” stated Pat Bartz, Karastan carpeting representative.

Stefan Schwartzmiller, Dura Supreme cabinet manufacturer representative attended the grand re-opening and stated “Drexel Inc. does all the little things right.  It’s nothing magical, just treating customers like they want to be treated.  We are proud to be part of their store.  Their three building supply stores starting with Campbellsport Building Supply, have always beat market trends for Dura Supreme.  Drexel Inc. has been a great addition to their family of companies.  We as a company are up nationally about 10% for the year, so things are definitely looking better overall.”

The updated Drexel showroom offers the Milwaukee Metro area a great place to shop for current trends and fashion options.  This, coupled with the energy and expertise of the Drexel design professionals makes their showroom a must see if you’re looking at remodeling or building a new home.  

Drexel Incorporated boasts one of the largest Cabinetry, Flooring and Window Treatments showrooms in the greater Milwaukee area.  With over 40,000 square feet of showroom, including 34 kitchen displays and 38 bathroom vanities the sales team is excited to give you a personal tour.  Call them 262.780.2250 to make an appointment or visit their expansive website for exclusive e-coupons and more at www.furnishanddesign.com

“Our goal is to provide our customer with top notch product selection while offering the best price every time.  The best businesses have figured out a way to survive this economy.  It’s definitely made us better, although you can always improve from yesterday” says President and owner Joel Fleischman.

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