Drexel Peddled in to Support Bike and Build - Drexel Building Supply
Celia Mueller (left) Drexel Team Member Emma Parker (Right)

Drexel Peddled in to Support Bike and Build

Berlin Graduate Biking Across America!

Drexel recently peddled in to support Berlin local Celia Mueller. Celia is a 20 year old sophomore at UW-La Crosse and president of the campus’ Habitat for Humanity actions. Celia recently made the commitment to participate in a program called Bike & Build, where she will bike across America!

Bike and Build’s focus is to raise money and awareness for the affordable housing cause, something Celia truly believes in. Celia is on the Northern US route (NUS), where she will start in Portsmouth, HN on June 13th and finish her journey in Vancouver, BC on August 31st. That’s a total of 4,026 miles! Sounds like the group of 35 participants will be “wheelie” tired by the time they reach their rest stop for the night!

Drexel is excited to be along for the ride with Celia on her amazing journey. Celia will be sporting some Drexel attire, and we hope that wearing our Team Blue’s will only add to her already-winning attitude!

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