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drexel lion award

Do you know a Teammate that is a Drexel bleeding cultural ninja!?

Shoutout a Team Member for a chance to win the “Drexel Lion Award”. The Lion award will be picked monthly in a raffle style drawing!

Can I nominate more than one team member?
YES! We have an unlimited number of rockstars. Let’s share the love.

All nominations will be pulled for the month and a winner will be randomly selected. The winner will receive the one-of-a-kind DREXEL LION TROPHY for the month and be the recipient of an awesome prize… Changing each month!

**Note: If a Team Member is nominated more than once, they will
only be entered into the drawing once.**

lion award recipients

January 2023

Matt Biesek

September 2022

Mike Wertel

December 2022

Jaden Filtz

August 2022

Matt Pickett

November 2022

Rick Porath

July 2022

Dillon Richie

October 2022

Zach Haertl

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