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Lynda Fleming

Dear Mr. Deerwester,
I wanted to bring to your attention the excellent service I received from Bronco Bell on my Dura Ceramic Floor. I had some issues with surface damage and grout, in addition to the floor-carpet transition. I was more than a little nervous with how the floor would look with the replacement tiles, but Bronco made it look as if they had never been replaced. It is a very professional job and no one would ever guess that there had been repairs. While the floor-carpet transition may seem like a small issue, for me it came down to safety. I was always tripping on it and it was causing excessive wear on my carpet in that area. Bronco made sure that he understood all of my concerns and addressed them. Then, he made sure that I was satisfied with the results. he also cleaned up very nicely afterwards. In today’s world, sloppy work is unfortunately, more the norm, so to have such a professional job is a real pleasure! For me, this type of customer service is a reason that I shop at Drexel. Thank you for having such a professional and highly skilled employee!

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