Joe Moravec

In our fast paced world, I sometimes lose sight of what’s under my nose while looking at the big picture. I only tell you this because since coming on board at Victory, I don’t think I have given enough thanks or appreciation to the Drexel Team.

From Jay and his team in Campbellsport, to Alana and Laura with cabinetry, to Barb, Jess, and even Shawn with his pretty notebook; everyone has done a commendable job helping me perform my job at Victory and I thank you all for that. I honestly don’t know how I could do it without your knowledge, get r done attitude, and quite frankly, your patience with homeowners (and me).

Let’s be honest; I sometimes forget things and don’t always provide you with the ideal situation / schedules. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. It’s often a thought that isn’t communicated by me but certainly does not go unnoticed.

I’ll continually try to improve on my end and keep up the great work.

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