Jenny Millard

On Sunday, my husband was going to go help out a customer. Shane is so beyond busy and booked up right now, but this lady’s husband has really bad knees and and was having to sit down on his butt and go down the stairs, to get to the downstairs shower. Shane Millard loaded up some tools that he might possibly need Sunday morning, in the back of his truck, so that after my son’s Christmas play at church, he could go help these people out. While at church, his DeWalt air compressor and a Paslode nail gun was stolen out of the back of his truck. Here he was going to help others in need, but instead had someone steal his stuff. He was so mad!! Our insurance said they would not cover it, because they were not secured and no forced entry of the truck.

Now jump to yesterday… Drexel Building Supply is his provider, for all building materials. They came out to the job site that Shane is working on… and brought him a BRAND NEW AIR COMPRESSOR!!!… and told him a NEW PASLODE GUN was on its way to him!!!!

What a blessing Drexel Building Supply is to us!! We appreciate them!!

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