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Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

As announced at State of Happiness; this year’s Christmas Gift is $100 from Drexel to “Eat, Drink & Be Merry!”

This is to be used on anything food or drink related.

  • Take family out for drinks
  • Take friends out to dinner
  • Buy the Christmas Ham

This gift will be available for reimbursement between December 1st and March 31st. Be sure to get a copy of your receipt!

Submit your receipt here along with an explanation and picture of what you used your Christmas gift on/for.

Each of you will be reimbursed for up to $100 to “Eat, Drink & Be Merry” on Drexel!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Drexel Culture Club

*Need receipt to be reimbursed.  One time submission.  Can be multiple receipts.

Please keep it below 300 characters.

Terry Schneider

Took family & friends out to eat while up north snowmobiling.

Jennifer Broughton

Fun-filled day of Christmas shopping with my family – husband & 3 daughters, dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then to the Country Christmas light display.

Clay Olson

I was able to take my fiancé out to eat on date nights a couple different times. We have been planning our wedding for 10/10/20 and with all of the wedding planning things have been crazy busy and we haven’t really had one on one time. It was an amazing feeling seeing a smile on her face just to take time for just us and take a break from the wedding planning for a night.

Carrie Cappelle

We enjoyed a nice dinner with family to celebrate the New Year.

Haley Gregoriou

I went out with friends for Brunch and drinks for a friend’s birthday and Pre Packer game Festivities!

Nick Whitty

Had a Packer party at our house with Family! Boy’s enjoyed sledding outside before hand!

Amber Sjostrom

We went to new year’s eve dinner with my brother and his girlfriend. Great time!

Seth “Muskrat” May

Ran an open tab at the local tavern and then bought dinner for the guys on our snowmobile trip up to Houghton, Michigan. It was a grand ole time.

Jake Rortvedt

Date night on her night off from work.

Jeff Vickman

We had our 3 adult kids and significant others home for a Christmas dinner and drinks. Lasagna and wine. The photo is from our summer trip we went on together up Duluth.Minnesota

Chris Bayorgeon

Our family went to Bush Gardens Tampa and got the all day dining pass All day Christmas dinner .

Rick Thiesfeldt

We took our two boys and their families out for dinner along with my brother in-law and his wife. Had a great time visiting with everyone. Thanks

Chris Schneider

We purchased steak, crab legs and macaroni for dinner and a movie. The boys picked the movie and it was yet again Spiderman. Thanks!!

John Van Beek

Went to Crave during the snow storm and enjoyed watching the snow fall while having a nice Dinner and some Drinks with My wife Becky. Mckenzie & Eli. Zach was busy ice fishing so he got dinner to go!

Steve Herriges

Bought food for family Packer game celebration.

Adam saleska

The in laws and children had a great time going out to dinner in Dodgeville Wisconsin for one of our children’s hockey tournaments

Shawn Plante

We took some friends out for great steaks (and drinks)

Marissa Shaffer

Took my best friend and her husband out for brunch to celebrate the New Years on January 1st. Had a great time trying out the new Mimosa location in Brookfield.

Connor Kissinger

I took my girlfriend and friends out for sushi at Ninja! Was a blast!

Nathan Lantz

Dinner with family.


Christmas celebration w/family at hibachi grill

Mira Thor

dinner and drinks. let me know if this doesn’t qualify

Ross Harter

Wife and I went out for dinner/drink on NewYears Eve

Tim Jacobson

Went to Costco and stocked up on baby formula, snacks, and food. Thanks so much!

Brad Thornton

Out for pizza with family for the holidays!

Sarah Cain

Christmas dinner with my family!

Mark m Hendricks

My son Kadin was home from Stanford for Christmas.. and Brother- in-law and family here from Maryland. Took the family all out for Dinner. Thanks!

Barbara Wolf

drink items for Christmas parties

Megan Rinzel

Went out for a steak dinner and to the comedy club after with a friend.

Jacob Mccarty

I took two of my college friends out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings when they were home on Christmas break.


Went out for dinner on New Year’s Eve with family & friends to Pub N Prime!

Emily Sokel

We used the Christmas gift from Drexel to help us with food for our Christmas meal!!! Our family gets together and does a bunch of stuff such as minute to win it games, Saran Wrap with money inside of it and so much more! My parents have 12 grandkids so it tends to be very hectic but we definitely enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you Drexel for our Christmas dinner!

Al Waldschmidt

My birthday dinner with my family

Jerrod Steffes

Food & beverage for Christmas gathering/ party

Caitlin Stoll

Candy bar at Christmas!


My Wife Anna and I had a date night, and went out to eat at El Pig’s Butt in Kewaskum for Chicken Burritos, and had Large Fish bowl Margarita’s. It was a great time! Highly recommend! I did not get a picture of us there, but this is a picture of us celebrating New Years!

mike wertel

My wife Christy and I got married 18 years ago on New Years Eve. It has been a loooonnngggg tradition we have a great meal on New Years Day with our boys Mason and Nate.

Marcus Ninneman

Tubing at Sunburst & dinner to ring in the New Year!

Mike Westeen

Over Christmas vacation I was lucky enough to get together with a few of my close friends I went to high school with, whom I haven’t seen in quite some time. We talked about where we were in our lives and reminisced about memories while we all lived in the same area. I wouldn’t of wanted to spend my gift on anyone else.

Ben Lind

Went out to Coliseum for dinner and some drinks with some friends to celebrate the New Year!

Brandon Burton

Food and drinks for Christmas

Lauren Collies

Celebrated our daughters 2nd birthday

April Deane-Smith

Kendall and I enjoyed a few drinks and steak dinner at Double cut in the Dells

Francisco Gracia

Basil Cafe, Richmond st in Appleton great Thai food

Rick Mallon

I took my youngest son Alex to Breakfast at his favorite pancake house with a portion of my Eat, Drink & Be Merry gift and with the rest I purchased groceries for some other family members that stopped by my place for a small Christmas celebration! Thanks for the GREAT gift!!!

Néstor García Hernandez

On Christmas Day me and my family went out for dinner at our favorite restaurant in Milwaukee, we had really good time and enjoyed the food as always. Thanks to drexel for the $100 Christmas gift.

Tim Pautsch

Things for Lunch for Christmas dinner with our parents

Paul Petri

Went to Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Amanda DeRuyter

We went with our family and friends to a nice, supper club for dinner! The Wisco in Mayville. So yummy!

Jared Hankey

My fiance and I used the Christmas gift to go out to dinner and drinks after we watched Star Wars. We have 8 kids between the 2 of us so we had date night!

Josh Fell

Serwe Christmas dinner at the Fell house.

Jason mulder

Its Christmas gifts for my beautiful kids. Thanks so much. Happy holidays

Erin Skorupa

Treated my family to a Friday Fish Fry with Fred Ferguson music at Camelot!!! My hungry college students never pass on a free meal! Thank you!!

Steve Proctor

Some of our family members went to Public House Restaurant in Woodstock, Illinois for a Christmas season dinner. Thank you.

Randall Burt

Receipt 1 is for our Christmas Hams and a bottle of wine.
Receipt 2 is for lunch with family.


First off I took the wife out to Olive Garden for her birthday! And Secondly met my brother and good friend out for the Packer game to buy some pizza! Thank you!

Mike Whiffen

Family Christmas dinner and drinks

Luke Harmon

Dinner with my girlfriend.

John Klein

My wife and I celebrated the holidays by ourselves before all the family get togethers. Of course we went to our favorite restaurant in the world, 5 o’clock Steakhouse.

Jake Galaska

Had a pretty rough 2019, decided to end it with a bang and get a fancy bottle of champagne to drink with my homies!

Jeff Geurts

Had dinner with family 2 different nights during the holidays.

Ryan Kleisner

Bought Food and Drinks for my family when they visited around Christmas

joel fleischman

Our once in a lifetime family trip to California. A cold day by the hotel pool for lunch. Life ling memories made!

Justin Spuda

Up North with the family! Bought some items for breakfast and dinner for the time we were up there!

Josh Fettig

We had a great holiday and enjoyed time out with family and friends.

Brandon Mallon

I used the gift to buy Christmas dinner for me and my family so we could all enjoy and have a great Christmas cause every Christmas isnt guaranteed, so i try to make it special every year for everyone.

Keith Fullhart

X-mas eve dinner with my rents.


Steve Cuny

Bought a Standing Rib Roast to put on the smoker and cut up into Prime Rib to serve for Christmas Eve dinner. It turned out awesome

Nic Davis

Christmas food & drink

Alicia Enright

We bought some of our favorite food and drinks and had friends over for dinner!

Michelle Engelman

Christmas Carol Tix for Family

Zach Matznick

Christmas Dinner with the Family! Thank you!

Natalie Briski

I purchased goodies for saran wrap ball game- candies and liquor bottles. Was a ton of fun and lots of laughing during the game!!! And ham for our Xmas dinner.

Scott Frisch

My family and my brother in law went out for Mexican food and drinks! My brother in law is in town from Minneapolis.

TJ Locklar

Me and my wife Lindsay went out to TJ’s Highland Steakhouse here in Oshkosh for our 2 year anniversary.

Julie Korth

Hosting Christmas Eve dinner at my house 🙂

Justin Kurtz ( KURTZY )

My Birthday weekend! Thursday Laura and myself met friends and family for dinner and drinks @ our local tavern in St Nazianz. Friday we stopped for a quick bite @ Culvers and went to Hops Haven in Sheboygan .

William cotter

I purchased Christmas dinner for my family. Tha is again!

Dan Evers

“The Last Supper” …Took my wife and parents out for dinner as our ‘Last Supper’ before the arrival of our baby.

Keith miller

Family out for son’s birthdays/Christmas dinner

Eric Cain

Anna and I took my brother and his fiance out to dinner!


Two dinners with friends and groceries for holiday food!

Jan Rathke

For the last 6 years I have gotten a Honey Baked ham for our family’s Christmas dinner. This will be used for Christmas dinner at our home.
Thank you ! Drexel !

Cody Nuernberg

I purchased a gift card in the amount of $100 from Crave restaurant in Campbellsport. I plan to give it to my Dad and his girlfriend as a Christmas gift because they enjoy the supper club-type atmosphere when dining out and also have never been there before. I know they will enjoy and maybe ask me to tag along!

Travis Auchtung

My wife’s B-Day was Dec 18. Her dad joined us as we went out to eat that night. Thank you.

Amber Bornick

Went out for a nice dinner with my boyfriend!!

Thanks Team Blue!

Katie Agnew

My husband Derek and I surprised our daughter Alivia with dinner and a movie. We took her to Flex Brewhouse and ate while watching Jumanji 2.



Richard C Koeppen

food for family and cheese, sausage and crackers for Saturday’s at work

Jonathan Cole

I took my cousin and her husband out for an anniversary dinner with my wife as well. We had sushi, saki, and Sapporo beers in Madison. It was fantastic.

Geo Lazo Lopez

My brother came to the US to visit for the first time from Ecuador. I had a great time showing him around!

Maverick Salzman

I took my mom out to eat to Buffalo Wild Wings for her birthday.

Darren Ratzow

I took my family out to Cornerstone Pub (one of our favorites) for dinner and drinks.

Adam Kramer

Took the family out to eat at the Roxy Supper Club in Oshkosh. Kitty cocktails were flowing!!!!

Matt Grasso

Groceries for the family

Beth Pautsch

Christmas cheer with teammates

Keith Batenhorst

Went to a WWE (yes) event with my friends and since we had free tickets I bought a round of drinks for the gang

Scott Benson

Groceries for an early Christmas party.

Judy Ehlenbeckl

Jim & I had our Christmas at our house on December 15th all homemade food. Party time has begun! Thanks for the Christmas gift.
Blessings from the Ehlenbecks


My family and I went down to the Milwaukee Bucks game. We had lunch at the Mecca Bar and Grill. After we got to watch the Bucks take care of the Cavaliers. Thank you Drexel for a great gift.

Zach Marshall

Bought the Booze for our Christmas Party

Dan Jensen

Took the crew out to Joses Blue Sombrero for some Holiday Cheer!

Danielle Thimmig

Having my mom’s side of the family over for Christmas on the Farm 🙂

Stephen Hermsen

I purchased these items to bring up north for our annual family Christmas party

Ben Plocar

Hibachi & Sushi dinner!

Becky Radue

Shopping trip to Chicago with girlfriends

Jason Strobel

Took some friends out for a dinner and drinks. Had a great time! Thanks for the great gift.

Jared Lindsley

Went out for dinner at fudgies with some cousins and good friends.

Tammy Schneider

Dinner with my husband and son

Mike Heaney

Took the family to the Bucks game last Friday. Thank you for the Christmas gift….it was put to good use!

Julie Branton

We enjoyed a very fancy night out celebrating our 5 years together. Thank you!


This is my Pick N’ Save Grocery and wine receipts.

Jacob Nies

Bought a holiday meal

Brett kempf

We took our friends out to dinner at there favorite restaurant, Olive Garden

Ben lee

gonna get weird and freaky with Don julio tequila

Emma Disterhaft

Every year for gun season, we host Bob, Emme, Dennis, Jason, Steve, and Brian at our home. I used this Christmas gift to purchase the groceries for the first weekend of hunting as I prepare and serve most of the food Friday-Sunday. These guys have been coming up to our farm before my husband was even born, so they are like family and we always have such a great time spending both weekends celebrating, eating, and drinking with them!

Jacob Junk

Took the wife out for a night away from the kids. Had a wonderful dinner and Wine at the Poplar Inn in West Bend.

Robert Castillo

I plan on hosting a “friends-giving” this year at my place! So this will certainly help give additional drink options on top of all the food!

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