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Tom and Linda Dougherty

Tom and I want to express our gratitude to you for spearheading the effort to get our defective bamboo flooring replaced and reinstalled. In spite of the huge effort to get CFS to admit their flooring was defective and thereby offer compensation (which CFS refused to do), you and the Drexel Company forged ahead and offered to replace the materials and labor with no cost to us.
We were flabbergasted with the generosity of your company! It is almost unheard of in today’s world that a large company would be so concerned about the satisfaction of their customers…how refreshing and reassuring we found this to be!!
Thank you to all who were involved in accomplishing this feat! The new hickory flooring is so beautiful and is already proving to be a huge improvement over that defective bamboo… Please let Nick, the lead installer, know how much I appreciated his addressing my numerous concerns and carrying out his promises to do his best to be meticulous during and after the installation.
Tom and I will absolutely recommend Drexel when we have the opportunity in the future. Thank you again, Jason, for listening to my initial concerns about the bamboo flooring, initiating the reinstall process, and following through to a beautiful finish!
We remain your happy customers,

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