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Sara and Kyle Strands

Mr. Fleischman.

I am writing you about my recent experience with your company while building my new home. Going back, I have lived in Fond du Lac for some time and have always heard about Campbellsport Building Supply. I had a friend and co-worker use your company when he built his home a few years ago. Still, I guess I was wondering how a building supply company from Campbellsport would be better to use than say a more local company that is much larger like UBC? I can now say that I was very wrong in my assumption. I first had a better understanding of CBS when I attended a Dale Carnegie class with Todd Flitter last year. After a few classes when everyone in the class started to get to know one another better, I spoke with Todd and asked him why CBS is better than UBC for example? His only response was CUSTOMER SERVICE and the ways that CBS would make my project easier. Being as how I was planning on being my own general contractor, I was very worried about how services in the building industry would not take me very seriously and I would have a more difficult time getting things accomplished. To say that customer service and overall general knowledge of the basics at many big box home center stores is hard to find is an understatement. For that reason I thought that UBC was my only option. Todd’s sales pitch to me was very appealing and I was sold!
My first step early last spring was at the home show when I met Kevin Soyk. He was extremely helpful in giving me some information on how to get started. My wife Sara and I picked our basic plan online and brought it in to Kevin for our own alterations. I could not believe it when I was told the services for house plans was free! Almost any other place I would have used, I would probably be paying in excess of a thousand dollars for that service. During the process, Kevin gave me a quick timetable for every step and he met all of his promised dates. The finished product was all we could have hoped for.
I was even more impressed from this point on when Kevin and Todd introduced me to the rest of your staff. I was taken to every person that would be helping me through the building process. That is when I met with Josh Cadman. It was such a relief to meet with Josh and how easy he made everything for me right from the start. At this point I was definitely worried about what I got myself into. I have done a little bit of everything along the way here and there when it came to building a house but not on this scale, and more importantly involving the amount of money that the bank seemed more than willing to give me! When Josh told me he built his home the same way I was planning and that he specialized in helping do-it-yourselfers, I felt more comfortable. I was set up with my own account at CBS and was always treated as though I have been a general contractor that has been buying material from CBS for years. Anytime I ever had a question or needed help with planning something, Josh was there to help me. I know that I was probably a pain sometimes with my questions and worrying about every detail, but Josh always called me back immediately and helped out. To me it always sounds like such a corny cliché, but there is no way possible that I could have built this home without him and with it only taking 5 months with me doing about 40-50% of the work no less! I also have to give a big thank you to Todd as well. Every time I came into the store for something and Todd saw me, he was right there to make sure everything was going smoothly and that I was being treated right. His energy and how he goes out of his way to help your customers is very evident and I can see why CBS has been so successful.
Michealle Kasten also played a HUGE role in getting our project completed. I knew that the kitchen design would be one of the most important aesthetic portions of the house and I did not want to mess it up. Michealle was very understanding and helpful when it came to our decisions with the kitchen and other cabinetry. It was a bit difficult for Sara and I since her work schedule did not often allow for her to come to the store during the day and make these decisions so a few things often had to be decided on and then changed again. Michelle made this process very easy, from starting with a rough plan, to coming to the house during framing, final design, install and any other questions I had along the way. I could not be happier with the finished product.
Finally I would like to let you know how appreciative I am of you delivery and yard employees, many whom I probably never met and helped in ways that I never saw. I could not even begin to add up the time and money I saved by having everything delivered when I needed it, on time, and damage free.
You definitely have a fan of CBS now, and when another friend of mine starts to build in the next few years coming up, I am going to flat out tell him he is nuts if he goes anywhere else. If I am every crazy enough to try building another home in the future you can bet I will not only be back for that, but for many of the other things I have yet to finish or start around this home still. And here I thought I was finally done when we moved in!

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