Rick Heisler - Drexel Building Supply

Rick Heisler

On behalf of the Campbellsport Athletic Association I would like to thank CBS for their thoughtfulness… CBS has been and continues to be a resource we are proud to associate with. I would especially like to thank you , your father and mother for being a great asset to our community and always recognizing the merit of Columbus Parc, the CAA and the benefits it provides to our youth and recreating public.
As always your employee and CAA board member Tim Lindsely, has represented CBS and the CAA in fine fashion. We are also grateful to the services of Kris Ballard of your Custom Cabinetry Department for her efforts in outlining the arrangement of the counter tops and cabinetry. She was a pleasure to work with.
Once again thanks to all of you for being community minded and supporting the efforts of the Campbellsport Athletic Association.

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