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Matthew J. Hall


With all the problems bitching and complaining people always do, (Me included sometimes) I just wanted to say thank you to you and all your peep’s (Jay, Mike, Michaelle and others behind the scenes) for the good things they do – do!

All three of them have been cranking out pricing in a pretty quick turnaround. Additionally, and this is not just limited to Mike, but specifically, I just hung up the phone with Mike, and he graciously and selflessly resolved a customer request to price out an entire house in both casement and double hung (due to a indecisive homeowner).

I certainly don’t want to require people to do extra work when not needed, I want to respect their time too! But acts of selflessness like this need to be commended.

It brings tears to my eyes and I just want you and everyone there to know I appreciate it. In fact, I’m gonna go home now and put on a blue shirt! (And nothing else! to feel closer to the blue team!)


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