Larry Prahl - Drexel Building Supply

Larry Prahl

…Often, when a company becomes successful (even one as tiny as mine) and has the ability to live off of reputation and referrals, the underlying reason for that success is forgotten. For me, much of that success has come from people like all of you, behind the scenes. People I can depend on to answer all of my silly questions while not making me look ‘stupid’. Search for products I don’t even know exist, yet badly need. (You sure do good for me there). The way my clients are treated after visiting your showroom and talking to you, returning to me with a confirmed confidence in me to able to produce their dreams, knowing I’m out to do the best possible. The friendly and helpful attitude from the ladies that take my calls to the loading and delivery of materials always makes my day better. Recently I introduced myself to the Custom Cabinetry Department and was thrilled that the experience I had expected to be extremely harrowing was actually very relaxing and fun.

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