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Kurt Romsos


I just want to take a moment to say what a pleasure it is working with you and your team, in this case as it relates to MDD.

It started with you:
• You had some specific detailed questions that you conveyed very precisely to me
• You and I met on site
• We decided on the answers
• You schedule partial delivery very quickly to meet my needs
• You worked with your dispatcher to make special delivery arrangements

Then it was your dispatcher (EB?):
• EB was great to make the date, special time arrangements due to client’s religion beliefs, and special location arrangements (in the garage)
• EB provided necessary lift equipment to have a chance at getting materials into the garage

Then it was your delivery guy:
• He was great. He and I worked out what would work best and then he and I made it happen
• He had a great, can-do attitude and was very pleasant to work with
• Most delivery guys (Not CBS) are dumping the load right in the middle of the driveway and pulling out as fast as possible to get out of there prior to anyone coming out to tell them to put the load somewhere else.

Overall, it was the same great experience we have come to expect, while still appreciate, from you and the team around you.

Thanks again,

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