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John Riley

Hi Jan,
I just wanted to share a warm and fuzzy story with you.
I had a question regarding the flooring in our master bathroom. The problem was the glue edge was turning yellow. I called the manufacture concerning this issue. Didn’t get to far with getting an answer other than the flooring of choice was discontinued.
Just by chance I called Drexel to see if there was anything they could do for us. Drexel sent out a rep to our house to see what was happening. After a week had gone by, we got a call and said the same thing that the flooring was discontinued. With that in mind, Drexel offered to redo the flooring at no cost to us. We just had to pay for the upgrade on a different vinyl flooring of choice. They came out last Monday and did a great job for us. I was very happy that they helped us out to make us a happy customer. Maybe a good selling point with your new home buyers. Drexel has great customer service!
That’s my story Thanks

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