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John D.

Sorry for the late reply—with so much wind up there today (gusts to 40 mph), we had our hands full covering the lumber with tarps. You will see when we send the pictures. Lumber looks great—only minor dings or nicks—nothing major. Truck Driver would have had much more choppy ride on the ferry today—lots of thumps, and then wall of water. Our van got a good bath. So, Thursday was a better day for transport. OK on the ferry charges—we can discuss Monday. You all did a great job, and you should be proud—your sign is now on Washington Island, and people know who you are. Todd, we should talk about the roof trusses on Monday, too. Wonder how your guy is doing with them. Builders really liked your hunting caps—bow season has started up there. And I will wear the jacket and fleece cap to stay warm up there. Pictures (27) will be developed tomorrow—sorry, forgot my wife’s digital camera. You should have them next week. I am home for one week, and then building begins. Thanks to all for your help, and for your fast service. It makes a difference. Have a great weekend.

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