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Gary Roehrig

CBS:KBS:BBS:Drexel, Inc.
Albert and Joel Fleischman

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the two recent awards you have received; your ranking of #52 on the “Pro Sales Magazines” top 100 building supply dealers in the United States and your inclusion in the Milwaukee Journal’s Top 100 places to work in the #33 position.

As a continuing customer of yours I realize your commitment to customer service and offering your products at a very competitive price, on an everyday basis. I have always been impressed by the sales and support staff you have employed. They have always been able to answer any questions I have had on any products you offer. That type of dedication can only be attained by a very serious commitment from the officers of the corporation in directing their operations down to every employee.

I would also like to congratulate you on your efforts to educate the customers you serve, on the newest products and technologies of our industry. It is imperative that the members of our profession be kept current on the changes happening in our industry. You have shown a desire to fulfill that need by your periodic meetings and mini-trade shows. I strongly encourage your continuation of those programs. I personally feel that materials suppliers, such as your companies, can be a very vital and integral component of a continuing education program for all of the contractors and their employees who avail themselves of your services. You are in the unique position of dealing with the builders and contractors on a daily basis and as such you have the ability to develop those relationships in which a feeling of mutual trust can lead to a partnership of education and professional development.

Again, my congratulations to CBS and Albert, Joel and their families, for their accomplishments and awards!

Gary Roehrig, President

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